Rates & Information

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Special 4-day events dates scheduled for 2014 that we will have trails on 500 acres to ride on:



March 14-17
April 3-6
May  23-26
June 19-22
July 3-6 and 24-27
August 29- sept 1
Sept 25-28
Oct 16-19 and 30-Nov 2 Halloween Ride weekend
Nov 27-30 Thanksgiving Day ride


April 11-13-2014   Confidence Clinic
May 16-18-2014   Horsemanship clinic
June 27-29-2014   Confidence Clinic
July 11-13-2014   Horsemanship clinic
August 22-24-2014   Confidence Clinic
September 12-14-2014  Confidence Clinic

Private Clinics available at NO EXTRA CHARGE. must have a minimum of 3 people.
$150.00 per person. includes, stall, and lunch on Saturday. camping extra.

RSVP tim 417-612-1815



* Pasture boarding $150 per horse/per month
 Includes use of trails, arenas and wash rack.

* Stall boarding $300 per horse/per month
 Includes use of trails, arenas and wash rack. grain 2x a day and hay.

* Training $500 per month

* Colt starting $500 per month

* Lessons $30 per hour 1 person

* $45 per hour 2 people

* $20 per person/ per hour if group

* Horsemanship$100 per person/per day
  Spend the day with Tim. Start with arena work and go out on the trails, learn as you go.

* Clinics $150 per person

* Day Rides
 (140 acres) $7 per person/per day
 (500 acres) $10 per person/per day

* Family Season Pass Prices
 $200 per family
 $125 single
Includes 140 acres of trails all the time and use of 500 acres of trails on designated dates. Plus use of the outdoor and indoor arena and the wash rack.

* Camping
 $15 per day water/electric
 7 electric sites with water located at both ends $5 primitive camping
 Stalls $5 per day plus shavings

* Cabin Rental
  $45.00 per night

    *Spook-proof / Confidence clinics
Start with ground work, exposing your horse to different things, getting respect from your horse. Then move on to riding your horse and working through obstacles. Learn how and when to ask your horse for more. Take your horse out on the trail and challenge course. Your horse learns that it is ok to be scared but that they should stand still when doing it. You learn to have more confidence in your horse and they learn to look to you as their leader.

*Horsemanship Clinics
Learn how to use your hands, legs and seat. Learn how to teach your horse to back, side pass, and to move feet independently.

If you have several people and want to set your own clinic date, just let us know.

“Thanks for sharing your outstanding horse training talent during our training sessions with Cash and Chip. My only regret is not doing it sooner! There is so much to learn (for me as well as for the horses) and I certainly do not want to do anything to hinder their progress as they are young horses eager to please. Your natural horsemanship training approach makes sense and I could see immediate progress in both Chip and Cash during our three day training session. I believe in giving them as much direction and training as possible during their young years. Your training approach for gaited horses is so different from everything I had ever heard or been told. And, within minutes, I saw changes in both Cash and Chip using your techniques. Thank you for helping me become a better rider and owner, and Chip and Cash thank you for your natural approach!” Renie T.